Risk analysis & management.

Identification of operational and tax risks and consequent actions


Identification of risk areas.

  • Analysis of the company's operating model
  • Recognition of the main operational, economic, financial, legal and tax risks
  • Identification of actions and tools for risk mitigation

Performance measurement and risk control.

  • Implementation of a measurement and reporting model
  • Company rating (including ethical)
  • Design and implementation of Risk Assessment & Management procedures
  • Internal and external reporting systems

Organizational Model (MOG 231).

  • Design and implementation of the organizational management and control model (MOG 231) to protect the company against penalties deriving from administrative offenses resulting from crimes committed by employees
  • Periodic review of the risk management model
  • Evolution and adaptation in relation to changed business conditions
  • Communication to stakeholders

Interaction with the Tax Administration.

  • Negotiation of tax rulings (e.g., transfer pricing, attribution of profit to permanent establishment, application of EU Directives)
  • Ruling concerning new investments
  • Cooperative compliance framework
  • Assistance during tax inspections, tax settlement procedures, tax litigation

Implementation of Tax Control Frameworks.

  • Design and implementation of internal systems for the preventive control of tax risks associated with the business operations to be implemented
  • Rollout of controls to allow mitigation of tax risks
  • Methods and procedures for measuring residual risk after internal controls 

Cooperative Compliance Programme.

Assistance in accessing and staying in special programs (so called «Cooperative Compliance Programme») provided for by current legislation aimed at a constant dialogue with the tax administration in order to foster prevention and resolution of tax controversies

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