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The Company

MUSE STRATEGY is the strategic consulting company started up in April 2022 from the initiative of a group of passionate professionals with a long experience at international level in the fields of strategic, business and tax assistance to Italian and foreign multinational groups (and their top managers), especially those enterprises with a strong vocation for innovation and development.

Our characterizing skills originate from a strong experience in transfer pricing & operational modeling and in international taxation, acquired in the consulting to multinational enterprises active in various industries.

In our view, Transfer pricing & operational modeling is the "melting pot" where specific skills of different nature (i.e., economic, corporate, statistical, operational, legal and international taxation) meet and come together in an integrated vision aimed at the strategic development of the company.

Over time, these core competencies shaping our DNA have evolved and been enriched with new knowledge and experiences in risk management, business performance analysis, corporate finance, R&D incentives and ESG reporting.

Mustard Seed acronym of MUSE

Mustard Seed.

MUSE is the acronym of THE "MUstard SEed": it represents our desire to create value, to be next to our clients in order to grow together and plant seeds that can turn into luxuriant trees, in a continuous exchange with the surrounding environment.

MUSE inspiration

Muse, creative inspiration.

Then, the term «muse» also means «to meditate», «to reflect» and (like in Italian) «muse», i.e. creative, poetic inspiration.

We look at the world with different eyes, with the gaze of those who - tenacious, passionate and competent - want to see beyond the horizon.


Our way of thinking and acting for and with our clients looks at the future and is based on the following directions:

Business growth.

The courage to conceive, propose and implement solutions outside the box is part of our DNA. We thus want to be energy and driving force for the development of our customers' business, so that they can unleash their full growth potential.

MUSE Strategy business growth
MUSE Strategy international services

International dimension.

The playing field today is the world and for this reason - thanks to our experience and our network of international relations - we are able to imagine the development of our customers' activities from a supranational perspective.


We observe high professional and ethical standards: we are aware that our action proposals can have a strong impact on the activities of our customers from an environmental, social and corporate point of view. So we act accordingly. 

MUSE Strategy sustainability


We are business strategy partners, longing to share with our clients important moments of development and transformation of their business.

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