Business advisory.

Assistance in business development and management


Value chain analysis.

  • Analysis of the centers / activities that generate profit (loss)
  • What competitors do
  • Proposals for business evolution

Intangible properties.

  • Identification
  • Valuation
  • Tax-economic revaluation
  • R&D activities 
  • Business plan

Sustainability (ESG).

  • ESG concepts applied to the specific business and its management
  • Relationships with stake-holders

Strategic business plan.

  • Preparation and update
  • Analysis under a sustainability perspective
  • Design of new concepts for business strategy


  • Identification of capital and financial needs (e.g., investments in IPs and R&D)
  • Issue of mini-bonds and placement of PIR (saving individual plans)
  • Listing in the Stock Exchange
  • SACE financial and insurance products and subsidized financials means (e.g., domestic, EU)
  • R&D tax credit and IP box regimes
  • Start-Up and innovative SMEs

Transfer Pricing & Operational modelling.

  • Identification of the operational model
  • Definition of the intercompany flows
  • Design of TP policies
  • Benchmarking analyses
  • Preparation of intercompany agreements
  • Master file, local file and Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) 

Performance measurement and risk control.

  • Implementation of a measurement and reporting model
  • Rating (also ethic)
  • Analysis of the company sustainability level
  • Design and implementation of Risk Assessment & Management processes and organizational models 231

Benefit corporation.

  • Preparation of the sustainability financial statement
  • Achievement of the «benefit corporation» qualification
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