Sustainability & reporting.

Sustainability as a path to generate new value for the company and the environment


Analysis of ESG profiles.

  • Definition of relevant topics for ESG (Environmental Social Governance) aspects
  • Selection of KPIs for company performance evaluation
  • Analysis of the company's level of sustainability
  • Relationships with stakeholders
  • Preparation of the strategic sustainability plan

ESG reporting.

  • Estimation of the company sustainability rating
  • Definition of the relevant principles for the ESG reporting
  • Identification of the stakeholders
  • Materiality analysis of the ESG matters relevant to the company
  • Definition of a strategic sustainability map
  • Preparation of the ESG reporting in light of the international standards
  • Internal and external communication

Benefit Corporation (B Corp).

  • Assistance in the achievement of the “Benefit Corporation” (B Corp) status
  • Consultancy in all consequent civil and corporate obligations
  • Preparation of periodic non-financial reporting

Operating model in the ESG perspective.

  • Analysis of the business model and possible evolutions from an ESG perspective
  • Impacts on the value chain
  • Effects on access to the capital market and financial resources
  • Sustainability of the supply chain
  • Update of the industrial plan

Financial resources and sustainability.

  • Identification of subsidized finance instruments for contribution to expenses relating to sustainability projects
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for participation in ESG tenders
  • Integration and optimization with the company's other financial sources
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